Polaris is a powerful ROBLOX verification bot allowing you to link your ROBLOX Group ranks to discord roles, and your users to their ROBLOX info.

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Polaris has all of the mainstream features, as well as some more. For those looking for a replacement for Roverify, Polaris is the answer. Our new web panel is under development, and it will allow a greater degree of ease for users.


Polaris currently supports Auto-verification. You can have users given their roles as soon as they join your server. No management required.

Nickname management

Polaris can assign nicknames to users based upon their ROBLOX username or group rank. Save time on the admin and get to group engagement!

Many ROBLOX related commands

Polaris supports many ROBLOX related commands. You can get player information and more.

Interactive settings

Polaris features Interactive settings prompts to help guide you through the process of setting up your server, and configuring it as your community changes down the line.

No ads

Unlike some of it's competitors, Polaris is completely ad-free and relies on donations. It was created to ensure the owners of ROBLOX servers could focus on their group, not the admin work.

Welcoming community

We have a great community of people ready to help you with any issues you have while using the bot, and active development means that feature you always dreamed about may become reality.